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Camille is a seasoned professional in the realm of real estate, boasting a rich history spanning over two decades. Her journey began in 2000 as an investor and landlord, establishing herself as a formidable presence in the industry. Prior to her ventures in real estate, Camille exhibited her entrepreneurial spirit by acquiring distressed businesses, rejuvenating them, and subsequently orchestrating profitable exits. During the tumultuous market conditions of the 2008/2009 crash, Camille demonstrated her acumen by specializing in short sale negotiations, extending her expertise to both homeowners and fellow investors. Notably, her prowess even extended to navigating the complexities of short selling a yacht, showcasing her adaptability and resourcefulness. Throughout her illustrious career, Camille has undertaken a myriad of rehabilitation projects, ranging from minor cosmetic enhancements to intricate restorations of fire-damaged properties. As both a landlord and property manager, she currently oversees a substantial portfolio encompassing over 30 residences in the Tallahassee and Crawfordville areas, solidifying her reputation as a trusted steward of real estate investments. In partnership with Mark Dobert, Camille co-owns and operates the esteemed Tallahassee Investors Network, a cornerstone of the local real estate community for over eight years. Their mission is simple yet profound: to identify and procure lucrative rental properties for discerning investors. They extend a warm invitation to all who aspire to delve into the realm of real estate investment, welcoming them to partake in the enriching experiences offered at the Tallahassee Investors Network meetings. Beyond the confines of her professional endeavors, Camille finds solace and rejuvenation amidst the natural splendor of her surroundings. As a certified drone pilot, she captures breathtaking aerial views of properties, adding a unique perspective to her real estate ventures. Whether she's gracefully paddling along the local rivers, traversing the rugged terrain of the national forest in her iconic pink jeep, or running along the beach or through the woods with her beloved dog Rolex, Camille's zest for life and adventure is palpable, underscoring her multifaceted persona beyond the realm of real estate.

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